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School Rules

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Today: 3/17/18

School Garden!

Come join the fun and learn about our Environment! Our Garden is open and ready!

About Us


Located in urban Los Angeles, Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Studies is the newest member of the family of schools in Los Angeles Unified School District, Local District 3. 


Our school is truly unique.  As a Public School Choice (PSC) school, the LAUSD Board of Education adopted our Plan over two competing charter school proposals to govern the school.  To accomplish this feat, given current low public-opinion ratings for public education, is a testament to the belief and trust in our stakeholders to do what is right for our students, as well as a belief in our ability to educate our students to preserve, protect, and conserve natural habitats, species, and precious resources.  Accordingly, our school views each child as an important and contributing member of his or her family, community, state, nation, and world.   Instruction is standards-based, project-based, and community-based, with technology a centerpiece of our efforts to bring the world closer to each child’s home.


Carson-Gore Academy is a learning community in which all students will recognize and embrace their unlimited potential to realize their goals and dreams. 


We are committed to educate a new generation of students to achieve academic excellence, to teach personal and environmental responsibility by supporting the diverse academic, social, and cultural needs of each student and to develop their potential to be lifelong learners who will be ready for success in college and/or careers.